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Low-firing and Burnishing, by Sumi von Dassow. Published October 2009 by A&C Black, co-published by the American Ceramics Society

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Other publications

Editor, “Barrel, Pit and Saggar Firing," A Ceramics Monthly Handbook, published by the American Ceramic Society in March, 2001.

Editor, “Electric Kiln Ceramics,” A Ceramics Monthly Handbook, the American Ceramic Society, January 2003
Pottery Making Illustrated Magazine

    Column, "In the Potter's Kitchen" 2013 to present
    Column, “Off the Shelf” 2003 to 2012
    "Feet of Clay, Legs of Steel" Sept/Oct 2005
    “Hairy Pottery” Sept/Oct 2003
    “Testing in the Pit” May/June 2002
    “Making Crystals Clear,” Nov/Dec 2002
    “The Lazy Way: Throwing a Vase Upside-down,” Sept/Oct. 2002
    “The Best Field Trip Ever,” July/August 2002
    “Black-Firing in a Barrel,” May/June 2002
    “Dazzling Crackles,” Mar/Apr 2002
    “Small-Scale Pit-Firing,” Jan/Feb 2002
    “Altered States - Part II, Making the Creamer,” Spring 2001
    "Altered States: Making a Thrown and Altered Teapot," Winter 2001
    “Simplifying Glazes,” Summer 2000
    “Pulling a Mug Handle,” Spring 2000
    “The Lazy Way: Throwing a Jar and Lid in One Piece,” Fall 1999
    "All Polished Up," Spring 1999
    "Mural, Mural on the Wall: The Mitchell Tile Project," Winter 1999
    "Volumetric Glazing," Fall 1998
    "Trimming Step by Step," Summer 1998
    "Trimming: Method, Technique, Mind's Eye," Spring 1998
    "Glazes in the Classroom," Winter 1998 (Second of two parts)
    "Glaze Tips for Early Success," October 1997 (First of two parts)

Ceramics Monthly Magazine articles:

"Mary Cay's Glittering Obsession" February 2006,  Ceramics Monthly Magazine
"Freedom's Just Another Word," March 1997, Ceramics Monthly Magazine
"Comment," April 1995, Ceramics Monthly Magazine

Pit-fired works by Sumi were included in Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques by James C. Watkins and Paul Andrew Wandless, 2004

Profiled in Summit Daily News of Breckenridge, Colorado, Oct. 19, 2007 in Leslie Brefeld's "Right Brain" column

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